MicroDicom — A quick DICOM Viewer

As a student or researcher in the field of radiation medicine, have you ever received a medical dataset from the PACS system of a hospital and wondered how should I go about understanding all those DICOM files? Using MicroDicom, a lightweight viewer, one can easily understand the various DICOM tags and view the CT/MR/US scans with ease.

MicroDicom Viewer with its three main panes


The viewer contains three main windows — DICOM Browser, Image Viewer and the DICOM Tags Pane (from left to right)


  • Computationally light weight


  • Unlike 3D Slicer, one cannot view medical volumes in 3D and neither can one see annotations from a DICOM file with annotations (e.g. Modality=’RTSTRUCT’)

Some Data Samples

  • This Kaggle dataset (dicom_dir) can be simply drag and dropped into MicroDicom and one can view information such as PixelSpacing. It dataset only contains single images of the lung for each patient

Hope this was a useful introduction to MicroDicom viewer!